A Celtic Pilgrimage With John O’Donohue

March 8th 2010

Now Showing on PBS – A Celtic Pilgrimage with John O’Donohue

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A Celtic Pilgrimage is a journey through the sacred landscape of western Ireland, guided by John O’Donohue. Weaving ancient wisdom with personal history and breath-taking imagery, the documentary reveals a deeper Ireland beyond the usual travelogues. With mischievous humor, keen modern awareness, and a deep, empathic spirituality, John leads the viewer on an enlightening, emotionally affecting tour. Along the way he offers profound insights on life, death, suffering, creativity, and the divine.

Seven years ago, filmmaker Betsy Scarborough began work on a documentary about John O’Donohue. As filming progressed, the two developed a strong friendship that provided John a foundation of deep trust in Betsy’s skill and vision. On the basis of this friendship and trust, John allowed Betsy unprecedented access over the years.

The happy result is a beautiful one hour documentary, A Celtic Pilgrimage with John O’Donohue which will premiere this spring on PBS member stations across the United States. For air dates, times and locations, see NEWS post, and check local PBS scheduling.