Memoria – “In memory is the root of future.”

Though John is no longer with us in the visible realm, his remembered and now invisible presence faithfully abides.

As we come to the fifth anniversary of his passing, we are full of gratitude for the enduring gift of John’s work; and we celebrate how memories of his life enrich our present moments and nourish our future with wonder and mystery.

In celebration of John’s life and work, we invite you to share your remembrances and, if you like, to share how his gifts have sparked for you a ‘journey of transfiguration.’

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Is the silence which transience brings a vacant silence?  Does everything vanish into emptiness?  Like the patterns which birdflight makes in the air, is there nothing left?  Where does the flame go when the candle is blown out?  Is there a place where the past can gather?  I believe there is.  That place is memoria. . . .

We could be forgiven for believing that the silence which transience makes is empty.

Memoria does not preserve the past in visible blocks behind us.  Memoria is concealed and not available to direct, and empirical scrutiny.  For example, it does not preserve the past in the same way as a camera does. 

Memoria is selective. It subtly weaves an interweaves experience.  It is crucial to understand that experience itself is not merely an empirical process of appropriating or digesting blocks of life.  Experience is rather a journey of transfiguration.  Both that which is lived and the one who lives it are transfigured. . . .

Memoria is the harvester and harvest of transfigured experience.

— John O’Donohue
“Stone: The Tabernacle of Memory” (The Four Elements: Reflections on Nature)

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