Time Is Where Eternity Unfolds

The writer goes to his desk each morning to meet the empty white page. As he settles himself, he is preparing for visitation and voyage. His memory, longing and craft set the frame for what might emerge. He has no idea what will come. Yet despite his limitations, his creative work will find its own direction to form. Each of us is an artist of our days; the greater our integrity and awareness, the more original and creative our time will become.

from, Benedictus/To Bless The Space Between Us

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about John and what his life and work have sparked for you.

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Crossing Thresholds….

At about the time of my divorce, many years ago now – I came across John’s Eternal Echoes. It was meant to be. I didn’t need any more but his words to comfort me, guide me, remind me and bring me gently home to myself. And his work and words have done that for me [… read more]


This year I went to Ireland for the third time – but the first time with my cousin. At Loop Head we met an elderly couple (they were from Germany, as well as we are). We talked a bit and they told us about a wonderful inspiring person, John O’Donohue. There was so much love [… read more]

Rev Stephen Winemiller

My worldview has been forever enhanced by John. In some ways I owe him my very life. He has opened my eyes and heart to a new and beautiful understanding of the grace and the richness of human existence.


I discovered John’s books last year in Dublin airport. Since they have been part of the most inspiring books in my bookshelf. Thanks John and remembering you from the other side of this thin place… thanks!

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