A Word From John’s Family

Together as a family we have come to view as a blessing, not a burden, the safeguarding of the spirit of John’s work and the proper godparenting to all the unpublished work that he left behind. All the anxious requests by people whom he had helped and who had heard him speak, cried of an urgency and a fear that all the wisdom and healing power of his words would not continue. We hear the oft-repeated mantra, “It is so badly needed in the world of today”.

Anyone who has been touched by death and has tasted the lonely, bitter tears of grief knows that it is a harrowing and horrible thing to have to go through the personal items of a dead loved one. But in our case, John left us a near library of writings which has started to unfold its treasure.

John had an amazing intellect which could never allow itself to become a prisoner of its own `ivory tower`. He had a beautiful, wild soul that he showered with love and attention. All of this, together with his great respect for language as expression and his sensitive eye led him on the journey towards poetry as being his best-loved medium of expression and conversation. I think that ‘poetry’ must have been very frustrated at all the time he spent under the spell of Theology and Philosophy!! Poetry was an impatiently awaiting vehicle eager to transport his fluency out to starved ears.

So, “Fellow-humanoids” (as he would say himself), it is an honour to present to the light Swanlight, one of the many of John’s poems yet to be published in a collection, and in doing so, remember him to his journey on this second anniversary of his death, January 4, 2010.

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